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Welcome! I am a librarian working in the medical setting and I am also a systematic review (evidence synthesis) librarian! I had an interesting path that led me to working in systematic reviews for over 15 years and has allowed me to mentor new systematic review librarians. I am now interested in helping others to achieve their goal of learning more about systematic reviews or creating systematic review/evidence synthesis services. Read more about me and why I may be able to help you… Thanks for visiting!

Many students have had success in getting more comfortable to support systematic reviews/evidence syntheses after taking my course: Systematic Review Essentials. It gave them a better understanding of the overall systematic review/evidence synthesis process.

Cost: $150. Unlimited Course Access.

As an added benefit, Systematic Review Essentials, is an approved elective course for Level I of the MLA Systematic Review Services Specialization. A list of approved courses is available.  

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