Who am I and how did I become a systematic review librarian?

I am a married mom of two daughters. I have a toddler and a teenager and work as a medical librarian.

short version…

I have been a librarian since 2005…17 years ago. I started working in the school library setting. I then transitioned to becoming a medical librarian in 2007 after graduating with a Master’s degree in Library & Information Science from Drexel University. I was attracted to medical librarianship because I wanted to be a research librarian. I liked that contributing to medical research could make a difference. Someone very close to me was diagnosed with cancer and I realized how important research could be. In this case, the research was life saving.

long version…

I didn’t set out to be a systematic review librarian. In 2007, that wasn’t even a career path but I somehow became a systematic review librarian (unofficially!) that year. For someone that was interested in research, I definitely found it! After my Master’s was completed I was hired for a clinical medical practice as a research assistant. My first assignment was to do a systematic review, not just the search but the entire review including the writing. The transition from a school librarian to a medical researcher was a very difficult one for me. I felt like I initially made a mistake in making that transition but failure was never an option for me, it never is but sometimes failure can’t be avoided. While I successfully completed many systematic reviews and was promoted. Eventually, that job came to an end. I didn’t know being a systematic review librarian was a career path yet so I returned to being a school librarian again. I was a school librarian for one year until I read an email for a job ad that would change my life. When I saw they were looking for a librarian with systematic review experience, I almost fell out of my chair! I was employed in that position for 7 years and have recently left the academic setting. While my official title is still not systematic review librarian, I am a systematic review librarian and have been for most of my library career.

What can I help you learn?

I teach a course called Systematic Review Essentials especially designed for librarians interested in supporting systematic reviews. It is taught through the Library Juice Academy. This course was recently approved for the MLA Systematic Review Specialization.

I have recently launched the same course on a different platform for self-paced learning and no deadlines.

Why learn from me?

I have a background in education and coaching. I teach not only the essentials but also the practical things that have helped me along the way. I also have experience starting and formalizing a systematic review service, leading a team, and expanding a service to non-medical disciplines, including serving as a mentor. In addition, I continue to present and publish my own research and book chapters. I am also really good at developing others to reach their fullest potential and achieve their career goals. I know firsthand how to overcome adversity or career setbacks and get back on track for success.

Fun fact

My married initials are SR which can also stand for systematic reviews! (What were the odds?)


M.S. Library & Information Science (Drexel University)

Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication and Cross-Cultural Leadership (Temple University, 2021)

AHIP Distinguished (Medical Library Association)

B.S. Education, Major: Library Science (Clarion University of Pennsylvania)