These are some of the student testimonials of those who have taken the Systematic Review Essentials course in the classroom setting.

What a fantastic course and instructor! The content was current and just the right amount for an introductory course. Stephanie showed empathy towards all of us who felt apprehensive about systematic reviews and her encouragement helped me progress through the course stress-free. She created a very positive online environment where we could ask questions freely and learn together. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! – Shannon

I really enjoyed this course. Stephanie Roth is a great teacher and has so much wisdom, yet never makes the learner feel they don’t know enough. She is kind and very encouraging. I am thrilled that I learned about the course and the resources she provided, which I plan to utilize. -Sarah

This was the best Library Juice course I’ve ever taken! -Dory

The content of this course was exactly what I was hoping for, and it was great to practice writing a protocol for my own review in the exercises. -Lauren

I recommend this course to anyone who is trying to make sense of systematic reviews or other types of synthesis reviews. Instructor very knowledgeable and helpful with her comments. -Christine

Stephanie is such a great motivator and encourager. From her posts to students in the discussion board to private email messages, she takes the time to respond respectfully and thoughtfully to posts and questions. -Amy

I certainly know more than I did before about systematic reviews so the course was worthwhile for me. Thanks for sharing your expertise! I also found the commentary from other participants useful to my learning. -Ines

Very valuable and informative course! -Susan

This was a great class — lots of useful content and a wonderful, compassionate, student-centered instructor. -Jessica

Excellent presentations and curated collection of resources. Amount of reading and viewing per week was reasonable for taking this course during the academic year. The weekly forum post and responses and the final protocol project was also manageable in terms of time and not causing a lot of stress. -Louise

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The Systematic Review Essentials course is an approved elective course for Level I of the MLA Systematic Review Services Specialization. A list of approved courses is available